About Us

Autograde International Pvt. Ltd. specializes in technology research, product development, and manufacturing services. Our mission is to help move our community forward by making our roads safer, and making India a manufacturing hotbed while preserving the environment and precious resources. Our customer focused approach is built on a foundation of quality first manufacturing processes, continuous innovation, and our talented and driven people. Our partners, chosen through rigorous vetting processes, are key stakeholders in our efforts to make the world a better place for the coming generations.

What We Do

Autograde’s business encompasses a global network of automotive design, research, development, procurement, distribution and after-sales facilities. Our wide range of road safety products include:

  • Vehicle Speed Governor
  • Tracking and Navigation Kit
  • Body Control Module
  • Steering Mounted Control
  • Speed Recorder
  • Speed Sensor
  • Autograde Mood Light
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HKA Group

HKA Group was formed in the year 1924, in Kerala with business interest in trading commodities, eventually venturing into trading machinery and other equipment from Europe. HKA group has been in business on trading commodities such as foodgrains, cement among other commodities. In 2001, HKA entered into the distribution of Siemens Road Speed Limiter and also represented speed limiters manufactured by Actia. With the deep understanding it developed about Speed Governors, Autograde was established to focus on road safety product manufacturing, based in Dubai and India.

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We endeavor to be the world leader in road safety products and services and to provide a congenial workplace and ongoing inspiration to the Autograde team.


To save lives, to protect the environment and to preserve resources, thereby adding value to the economy through customer friendly policies and quality oriented processes.

Social Responsibility

At Autograde we strive to work for our community to ensure an equal and safe environment for all. We work for safety of school children, and road users by means of campaigns on facebook, awareness programs about road safety, and working for rules and regulations that make our roads safer.